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  1. Im actually feeling alot better than I was =) How about you? And me and my boyfriend broke up just yesterday, but it was for the best so Im not too sad about it. How are things going with those guys you were talking about?
  2. How are you doing and feeling? How is the boyfriend?
  3. Well Im glad that your out having fun =D Thats always good to hear
  4. You will get your license. I wouldn't say I found another man but I am dating and corresponding with a few. I have no expectations and I am just looking to go out and have fun. If things turn out to go in a positive direction then I will adjust but my heart is just very guarded right now and trust no one...well I have no trust in men at all
  5. I hope I get my license too. I need to get out more lol

    Im so happy to hear you found another man!!! Thats awesome =D I hope things go well with him
  6. Glad you out and about...hope you get your fingers are crossed for you. I am doing well and hopefully back in the gym this week. Met a new man and he has occupied my time the past few days but gotta get back to me!
  7. Thank you =) I've been better. Had to call up the doctor to make an appointment for monday. Just dont feel right ya know?

    The boyfriend is good, mom is still very unaware lol so we havent really seen each other much.

    I've been at the pool swimming for the past two days. Hopefully getting my intermediate license in the next few weeks =D if my mom would stop being weird about it.

    How have you been?
  8. Like the new ya doing? How is the boyfriend coming along and your mom? are the summer plans going...still active?
  9. Thanks. Hope your feeling ok. I dont see me getting back outside for awhile. I tried going on a walk yesterday and had to have my mom come get me. lol it sucks
  10. Sorry to hear your not feeling good. Hope you get better so you can continue to get back out to enjoying your summer! Have a great weekend
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