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  1. hey!! how have you been? i've been good. cept for the fact that i'm in a slingg :-( dislocated my shoulder.
    not from cheer tho. lol
    sadly our football season is now over :-/ we lost our playoff game 10-6. it sucks soo much! and its insane because senior year is going sooooo fast !!
  2. Just had to stop by and say hello and see how school/cheerleading going for you. By the way...looking good on the home coming picture. Hope sendior year is a blast for you...enjoy it and take it all in!
  3. thankyou!!!
  4. Hope your enjoying your day and having a wonderful birthday!!!

    Happy birthday...and Many more!!!
  5. i didn't like my hair cut at first, but i think its just the way that the stylist like, styled it. haha she made it like puffy looking, idk i was mad tho! but then i got home and like washed it and straightened it and it looks really good now! it look a while to get used to it tho! the powderpuff game was fun, sooo hot tho cuz the sun was beatin down on the bleachers. haha
    juniors won! yay!! dinner was fun too!
    awh sounds like you had a nice weekend! thats good to hear!!
  6. a haircut huh...I hope it wasn't too much. We ladies are attached to our hair! I am sure your even cuter than before and really working that hair cut! Glad you have such a wonderful attitude about it all! How was the powderpuff game and dinner with friends? Did the weather allow you to work or did you have to sit it out? My weekend was okay. My mother's birthday was today so my sister and I took her to brunch and we had a wonderful time...eating and drinking!
  7. hey! how have you been? i've been really good. ah, i got my hairr cut! i'll have to put a picture up. but because my steroids messed up my hair reallyyy bad, like it made it really brittle.... i decided to just cut it! i left the house only wanting an inch, i left the salon getting 6 1/2 cut! my hair used to be prettttyyy long, but now it sits like ontop of my shoulders. i love it tho!
    i actually have a powderpuff game to go to today during school! and i'm going out to dinner with some friends later today... but 2morrow hopefully i'll be working, its supposed to thunderstorm so i might end up getting called off :-\
    what do you have planned for this weekend??
  8. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and see what you had planned for the weekend? I am sure you have a weekend full of things to do and people to see being that you are so outgoing! Keep smiling and making other's smile!
  9. oh yeah i know what you mean with the methotrexate, i take 6 on sundays...blahh.
    i take, daily vitamin w/ extra iron, prednisone, folic acid, vitamin D, zantac, plaqinel and methotrexate.
  10. You have a great attitude about it all and I know exactly what you mean about other's complaining who are healthy. I have a really good friend who is just like that and I never talk to her in the morning. In fact, I talk to her about 1 a week cause I just don't want to hear all the negative stuff. As far as pills I take 10 a day and an additional Vitamin D on Fridays. Sundays I take 18 cause I have to take 8 methotrexate pills. Yep, a lot of pills but I would rather take them and be as healthy as I am than be in the hospital or worse deal with shots/IV so I no problems taking them.
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