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  1. Hey Kathy...
    I understand. I have my days/weeks as well. I hope the migranes are subsiding and you are better. I am okay...just dealing and living a busy life/schedule which beats being sick or bed ridden. Hope TX is treating you better weather wise. We S. Cal have been experiencing crazy week upper 80's and next rain or yesterday 20-40 mph winds and you know Californian's aren't use to this so needless to say it just ruined the drive home but what can you do.
    Stay well and I do hope your feeling and doing better.
  2. HI, i have been okay sweetie! Thanx for checking up on me. I have been MIA a few weeks myself with migrane thats been going 2 months straight now! fun fun! lol hope ur well! hugs Kathy
  3. Hey Kathy
    How are you doing and feeling? Just checking in to see how everyone is since I have been off the site and busy with work and school! Hope all is well with the family
  4. I am okay sweetie! Hope ur well also! Hot hot hot! 24days 100+ weather! I have been a hermit! haha
  5. Hey Miss Lady!
    How is the heat in TX treating you? I hope your keeping cook and eating lots of ice cream!!! I am enjoying the summer but in front of fans and air conditioned buildings! Hope the family situation is getting better??? Sending you love and hugs!!!
  6. Hugs back atcha!
    Sorry to hear about the flu...that has got to be the worse during the summer and to have Lupus and the flu...I have been stirring clear of ANYONE who coughs/sneezes or looks gross! Glad you have a great attitude about it.
  7. I am okay sweetie, been fighting stomach flu, pluerisy, kids sick and flares! But i am alive haha hugs Kathy
  8. How ya doing and feeling these days? I haven't been on much been going out and doing waaaay too much in the past 2 weeks. BUT I am loving life and me and I want to be around people and be and treated normal which is what I am experiencing! How are the kiddy's
  9. I am staying cool or trying. I can only imagine what the rest of the summer is going to bring. Thanks for the compliment on being as well! So glad it's a short work week...I can hardly stand it...FRIDAY WHERE ARE YOU????
  10. So youve been battling heat too! ugh! sorry! please stay cool sweetie, we need your cheer on here! hugs kathy
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