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  1. why do they shrink it, does it cause damage to you by being swollen. my doc just lets them go and sooner than later they go back to normal size. is there something wrong with yours to do this? didn't to exercises in two days feel bad had a panic attack that lasted two hours, boyfriend was flippin out had to call my sister to help calm me down what a tuesday nite. talk to you soon
  2. my mom loves ann taylor i am not a big fan but good for you. my lymph nodes are swollen in back of neck and head what does the shot do?
  3. did the wii this morning and in morning weigh 2lbs less and open another yoga. how do you energy to all that cardio, i were out just doing the yoga. have a great day.
  4. going to try the lower calorie snacks i havn't thanks for advice. i hate granola bars, like quaker low sugar ones thu.
  5. i had to do lupus diet for six months than my digestive system started working better. still suppose to have no sugar no white food but can't stand it makes my sugar levels high and i know its bad but that diet stinks. lol
  6. i got back on wii yesterday and still can't do rowing squats told me couch potato but improve my yoga ones which was good. going to try again friday. my biggest problem is i love to eat don't eat when hungry or stress just love to eat all in mind. but if i get back on track about working out at least i will tone my jello lol.
    have a great day
  7. my legs still hurt but found on cable exercise tv biggest loser yoga for weight and going to do that on weekends, and than go back to the wii. my ex hasn't givin me my tred mill keep asking but hasn't yet. that worked for me no strain on joints just walking fast. ya i know i was in bed for 3months at one time with this and i think that what happend an i never got back into a routine. yes it would be nice to have a partner in this. good luck with your will keep you updated weekly how that.
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