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  1. Well I have placed my bet on you!!! Double down! I know you can loose the weight and you will. I too have a rheymy follow up appt. Kind of scared as I have been doing the most the past few weeks, hanging out, dating, drinking and just not resting and eating like I should but I will get back on the grind and start taking care of me. I just got so carried away cause I was feeling and looking normal again. Well, I am off to see the wizard. Good part is I am leaving work early so Yeah to that! Talk to you soon
  2. i got to go to rheumy today. just the same old fatigue crap can't exercise cleaning house wears me out. have bet with the guys at work who can loose the most weight so i am trying the adkins diet modified of course cause diets are bad for you. don't get everything you need by doing them just trying to cut my carbs in half and sugar in half which i should of been doing all along but now will cost me money lol. how are you? enjoy acting like your in 20's when we feel great need to take advantage of it everyday. have a good one. xoxox
  3. Hey Gina
    How are you doing and how is everything going with you and the Family? Well I gotta say I have slacked off big time...Haven't been to the gym in forever and I have been going out and hanging out like I am in my 20's. I really have some work to do and I gotta get back on my is the wII??? Have you been well enough to work out? Hope your well and spirits are high!
  4. Hey girl, family is good. feet aren't swollen woohoo. boyfriend got a side job so were buying the yougest a laptop an i thing going to see transformers too. got a bet with co workers who looses the most weight in a month so now i have incentive to go on adkins diet again. not doin it alone so going to stock up at store on what i can eat. it would be great since i am lazy. talk to you monday.
  5. Hey Miss Gina!!!
    How are you doing and feeling these days??? How is the family??? I hope al is well and your happy and enjoying your summer!
  6. you will be in pain after the gym. lol. i am just tired not in pain thank god also. son going to oc beach with dad so i will have some peace but he has a new kitten that is very playful and boyfriend sister there also. might just tell her to stay in room and leave me alone nicely.
  7. Sorry to hear your flaring. That always sucks.
    I haven't been in pain lately...knock on wood and thank GOD!!! I haven't been in the gym in a month of Sundays but plan on getting back hopefully this week. It is so freaking hot out in LA and all this weekend during the day all I could do is lay on the couch or bed and just try to be very still! I have been going out and trying to live life once again. Tryin to live like I don't have lupus and be normal. All in all I am well and wishing the same for you!
  8. i have been ok. by boyfriend sister moved in with us an wow what can i say. givin it until end of july. so not flaring to bad just the usual tired so tired haven't done any exercising that what always happen get worn out and don't do it. how about you.
  9. Hey gina
    How ya doing and feeling these days? I haven't been on much been going out and doing waaaay too much in the past 2 weeks. BUT I am loving life and me and I want to be around people and be and treated normal which is what I am experiencing! Are you back on the wii? I haven't been to the gym in a month of sundays but Next week is my week to start and get back to it!
  10. Thank you...I hope you have a wonderful day as well and better week/weekend!
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