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  1. Hey Gina
    How are you doing and how is everything? Anymore weight come off? I am loosing inches right now. I need to get back on my grind but my work/school schedule is kind of tight right now but I will need to modify to make sure I get my work outs in. I hope you are well.
  2. CONGRATS CONGRATS...that is so awesome. I have gained 10lbs in about a month and a half...doing way too much but I am going to be back in the gym this week. Yes, men loose faster and burn fat and their metabolism is so much higher...they loose in their sleep. Hang in there as you may be loosing inches when your not loosing lbs. You all should do overall inches and lbs. Glad to hear you lost...sounds like your spirits are up! LOVE THAT!!! Overall I am good just a little tired from going out and acting like I am normal so I gotta rest up and re-adjust things...mainly the gym...GYM Is callin me and I need to make GYM my main guy...hate Gym but love the results!!!
  3. Hey whats up. i just lost 3lbs in one week. but the guys which i just found out loose weight faster than women have lost 6. i didn't know men lost faster than women thats not fair but going to hang in there even if i loose the bet i still lost weight. how are you doing?
  4. Gina...sorry to hear about your kidneys...that sucks. All we want is to have normal labs and be healthy and some how it's always something. Yes I was doing a lot and still am and I have been resting as much as possible. I am dating a lot and I think enjoying it all along with hanging and being around my friends and family. BAD NEWS...I found another lump (Cyst) on the opposite arm pit last thursday. Not infected per dr. but still a bummer. I was so upset when I found it. Size of a pea but hopefully it will go away and no surgery as I am over all that and over all these drugs to say the least. BUT What I claim for you and I is normal labs...remission and feeling great...We are Victors and not Victums to LUPUS!!!
  5. Glad to hear no protein this time. i have to have sonogram done on my kidneys still have blood in urine. you can still have fun just don't over do it. having fun does nothing to lupus levels they do what ever they want regardless of what we do. just get plenty of rest and eat good. i have been so fatigue this week can't wait to feel good like you did again. thanks for update. xoxo
  6. Hey Gina
    How is everything? Well I just spoke to my doctor and my labs show Lupus levels are still high but no protein in my urine and all major organs/kidneys are doing and functioning fine. That is the good news. Bad news is I still have to stay the course on Prednisone of 5mg. I was so hoping to go to 2.5mg. So I go back for labs in another 4 weeks. I should have known this about my levels as I was partying and doing too much as I was feeling normal again. Oh well back to being a hermet I guess.
  7. Hey Gina!
    Monday...time to start it all over again! I was/am so tired I wanted to call in so bad to work but didn't. This has got to be the longest month of the year! Well the party was FUNNY!!! Amazing what a pole will bring out of women! We got there so late so we didn't see any of the toys that the lady was selling or the jewelry/purse lady either. BUT the pole dancing lessons/floor moves were interesting to say the least. I stayed to the side and in the kitchen for the night and of course took lots of pictures. The Barbque was nice as well. Nice seeing old friends! Well, I have made up my mind...Back to the gym this week. I took pics and my arms/legs and stomach look BLAH and Gross! I will let you know about the labs on wed. So any updates on your new Dr.? How is the family doing?
  8. Good morning, hope you had fun at the party, i love going to those they are very interesting and funny. let me know what your dr. says i am calling the dr's office today and talking to office manager about what happen i feel i shouldn't have to pay for that visit. xoxo
  9. Gina
    Sorry you had a bad experience. I don't know why dr./nurses or their staff are so lazy sometimes. My dr. appt. went okay. I had to wait a little bit and that annoys me sometimes but whatever. I will know results wednesday about my labs/blood work. Dr. advised me to STAY OUTTA of the sun as I sure was in it this weekend A LOT and it felt good to me but I do have 2 small rashes on my arm and chest. I hope you find a better that knows what they are doing & knows how to treat your Lupus and you. I am just so HAPPY it's Friday! Can't wait to get off work today...hours are dragging. I am going to a barbque Saturday and a Naughty Girl party Saturday night complete with a pole...YIKES. I won't be on the pole but my sister and I are going to get our Laugh on! My friend is turning 40 so this was her idea!
  10. your allowed to have fun when you feel good. by dr. was and ass she was new. first told me didn't have lupus ana was neg last time. told her to look at all my records than she did and oh yes you do. have to see eye dr. for meds, ultrasound on kidneys than specialist. wouldn't give me the pain meds had to get from primary since wasn't in chart. when leaving primary there i asked in front of rheumy. she said yes gina wrote the rx made dr. looked stupid if your my lupus dr. i have pain give me meds. anyway we decieded i don't have to go back to that rheumy. my primary going to help me with the rest of everything like she use to she just wanted me to see a specalist about things wrong thing to do. so feel better about that. hope your dr. appt. went better than mind i just wasted money that i don't have for nothing spec. cost more. xoxo
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