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  1. Just checking in with you. haven't spoke since november. How are you. My fibro stuff is acting up but lupus seems to be in remission whohoo,
  2. kidneys are good, arthritis hurts and fibro hurts but all is good. saving money for b-days and xmas presents going to be small gifts
  3. Hey Ms. are you doing and feeling these days? I hope you are doing well.
  4. Hey Gina.
    Sorry to hear about all the ailments your dealing with. I do hope things get better for you both inside and out.
  5. sorry i havn't gotten back to you not in good place. i have mild sleep apena, osteoarthritis in hips, shoulders, back, fibromylasia just dealing with all the news. but thanks for asking. weight hasn't changed. how are you
  6. Hey Ms. Gina...
    How are you doing and feeling these days? I know fall is here and I have to say...the gym is something i just drive by and wave to. I know thats not good and in time I will be is the weight loss for you going?
  7. Yeah...not a good idea cutting the carbs altogether...just makes you or should I say me evil!!! My came and went. I put down answers not sure if they were the answers to the questions on the page but I will find out. I am stressing over passing this class so I can move on and continue with my degree and this is holding me up. I do yoga once a week as my PE choice for school...I am so sore...abs are killing me. My body is changing due to the yoga in a great way but it is so challenging more than doing spin class. I hope the weight starts to come off. Are you loosing inches? Sometimes I loose inches and not lbs. Try wearing a belt and once you notice you have to pull and make new holes you know you have lost inches. I have had to make several new holes on my belts...not cool for my cheap/accessary only belts.
  8. i am stuck at this wait will try the carb thing none after 3pm i keep trying to keep them out all together by end of day can't take it anymore. i have only been on treadmill once a week but its better than nothing. how was your test? xoxo
  9. That does suck! Have you tried only eating carbs up to 3pm? You can still have them but not after 3...even fruit has carbs so be careful in what you eat. I am in school, working, and trying to work out. One of my classes is Yoga...I hate it. It is harder than Spin class to me...holding those poses. Hopefully it will help re-shape my body. So hot out here in Los Angeles and will be this weekend but I will be in the house studying for my math test Monday so I just have to make sure I have food for the weekend as I do not plan on going anywhere. Hope you have a great weekend and hopefully those lbs will come of and stay off moving forward.
  10. wait thing sucks yesterday and today are the first days i haven't had any pain woohoo so maby i will get on treadmill today i only lost 4lbs and as soon as i eat sugar or carbs bak on the next day just not right. xoxo
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