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  1. happy easter cindy!
  2. yess i will help you with everything :]
    ask away!
  3. Hi ashleybaby715,

    I am e-mailing you to let you know I had a skin biopsy today, I was afraid of the pain, but I didn't feel a thing..woohoo..was I ever happy. Anyways they took a piece of skin off the top of my hand, the doctor thought it looked like vasculitis. I have all kinds of tiny red dots on my forearms and ankles and feet. I was pleased to haer he wanted a biopsy of it. Do you think it was a good thing to do? Anyways, I sent you everything about me and my diagnoses and I think I sent it to another ashley..ooopppsss ok well take care and we will chat soon.

    Be well,
  4. Hi ashleybaby715,

    I have a few questions for you about my condition, if you have minute can you let me know if you have time. Thanks in advance,
  5. hi cindy.
    i would love to talk to you about your whole lupus situation.
    tell me about yourself.
    what are you symptoms? meds? everything.
    and i'll tell you mine as well!
    my name is ashley btw :]
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