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  1. Sorry sweetie! that sounds like a bad weekend! Hope your doing better now!
  2. How was ur weekend? Mine was Horrible cause of pain. I had to crawl upstairs and at one point in time I wasn't able to move my wrists an I couldn't open or close my hands more than half way and I couldn't put any pressure on my feet.
  3. My day went ok, I started Cipro for UTI, I hate antibiotics they make me nauseated! lol HUGS Kathy Hope your well
  4. Are you feeling any better? I hope so! HUGS kathy
  5. Hi i'm sorry i haven't been around much. A lot has been going on, I've been getting really depressed, sleeping a lot and not being online much. I found out that i have a severe vitamin D deficency. Also after my first new doc appt. she did a whole work up and from what she said some of my results are up a little but nothing is pointing toward lupus so now i'm extreamly confused. I hate this not fully knowing and it sucks. Other than that things are ok. How are you doing?
  6. Just giving you a hey! hope your feeling well! God bless my friend
  7. How did your appt go? I'm sorry your back is out i hope it feels better soon.
  8. I am glad your appointment went well! its hard to find good doc. these days! My back went out on me yesterday, and I got neuro appointment tomorow! lol
  9. I am having a good day. I went to my new doc today and it was a good experience. I am hoping that this new doc will be able to get my body straightened out to an extent that I am feeling a lot better. How is your day going?
  10. HI! Hope you have great day! hugs Kathy
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