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  1. Giving you a big (((((((hug))))))) my friend Kathy
  2. I am sorry sweetie, you are going thru so much junk! that sux! Just remember your going thru it!, not staying in it! Ill be praying for you! hugs Kathy
  3. Things are really sucky right now I lost my job which means my Insurance goes bye bye. I am on LTD for now until they want updated medical records which I don't know that they will have cause I won't be able to see the Doc. one side of my family wants me to work and the other side is telling me i better not or i will die. so i'm really stuck
  4. I am still thinking about you friend! hope you are doing well! Please give me shout out if you need me!
  5. Just checking in and saying hi! Hugs Kathy
  6. Havent heard from you in couple weeks? You okay? Hope so! hugs Kathy
  7. How have you been? I hope better! Hugs my friend! Kathy
  8. i'm feeling a tiny bit better but nothing to write home about. I have a appt with a regular doctor on the 15th so maybe he will be able to tell me what else is going on with my body.
  9. Hope you are doing better! God bless sweetie! Hugs Kathy
  10. PLease feel better very soon! GOD BLESS! Kathy
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