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  1. hi red have been out of action for awhile hope you are well luv and hugs kim
  2. merry christmas have wonderful day luv kim
  3. hello red just checking to see how you are doing luv kim
  4. hello red just checking in and to wish you merry christmas hope to chat soon hugs
  5. Hey Kim! Does seem like forever since we have talked, doesn't it?!?! Have been busy w/boys and school - ugh! Hubby and I also just re-newed our vows and we had his parents up for that. Hope all is well for you. Could be better, but could be worse here! (((hugs)))
  6. hello red how are you sorry have not chatted in while seem to miss you hope you are feeling alright hugs kim l
  7. Kim, Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! (((HUGS)))
  8. merry christmas red have a happy holiday hugs kim l
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