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  1. I actually went camping/hiking in Yosemite, which was really fun. Didn't meet any new guys, but that may have been because I went on the trip with my ex, haha. We had a great time

    Yeah I keep trying to lose weight with the workouts, but I'm not really getting anywhere with it. Grrr
  2. Hey Tasha!
    Good for you on going on vacation. I can't wait to go on vacation and actually go somewhere. Where did you go? Did you meet any new guys? Hope you had a wonderful relaxing fun time!
    As for me I doing okay. Went to the gym 4 days this week so far. I am hoping to make it there today...Sunday. We will see. Haven't lost anymore weight as I think I am building muscle right now as I also do strength training.
  3. Hello! Sorry I haven't been around in awhile... I just got back from vacation a couple days ago. How are you doing?
  4. HI Tasha,
    How are doing and how is everything? Just wanted to say hello.
  5. Hi Tasha!
    How are you doing today? I hope you are having a wonderful day and taking care of yourself. I feel so lucky to have a friend on here as I still feel like the new girl at school. Just wanted to say hello!
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