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  1. thank you so much for your thoughts. I will let you know. I am so excited about it. Strange but I am. I just want my normal armpit back! Have fun in Frisco!
  2. i look forward to you adding me i'm actually going to be in San Francisco for the next 5 days so chances are I won't be around to chat... but definitely still send me a message and let me know how your surgery went. i will be thinking of you!
  3. I do. I took down my pics...didn't want to be contacted by a bunch of folks from high school or the X. I will add you girl. How are you feeling and doing? 2 more days until my surgery...I can't wait. I want this thing removed from my armpit!
  4. Do you have facebook? If so... add me.
  5. Thanks for the well wishes...LOL.. yes I will ask for percocet and everything else. I just want this out/off whatever me! Glad your doign well in school. Keep up the good work. I will be in summer school for 2nd session in July. 5 weeks and hopefully I finally finish this math class so I can move on!
  6. oh no i'm sorry you have to have surgery! that is no fun! i hope everything goes smoothly and that you don't feel too much pain. ask for percocet!

    school is going alright. i started summer session 2 weeks ago and already it's gotten intense. i've been slowly working on one of my papers that is due in a couple weeks. and i already have a midterm on wednesday! summer session is crazy. but i want to finish so i've got to endure it.

    i'm going to san francisco this weekend though! i'm pretty excited about that.

    please let me know how your surgery goes.
  7. Hey Tasha!
    Glad your doing well. Yeah, I have gone from 30mg to 5mg of prednisone and every single time it got lowered I had flare ups. I had to take off work here and there a few days. I have been at 5mg for about 3 months now. I am doing better. I had a flare up last week and i had 2 cyst under my left armpit that have gotten bigger so I have to have surgery this week. Out patient but still surgery. I hope school is going well for are you doing with school?
  8. I am doing alright, thanks I've been feeling good for the most part until today. My prednisone was lowered to 12.5mg a few days ago and today I feel really achey It will hopefully pass though!

    How have you been?
  9. Hey are you doing? I imagine busy since you barck in school now right? I hope your taking care of yourself while maintaining your wonderful GPA!
  10. Try to cut down and do a low sodium low or no sugar diet. I drink water all day after I have a home made all natural smoothie my grandmother makes for me. I drink any where from 3 liters to a gallon especially during the week at work. I also eat baked/broiled fish, broiled or baked chicken or turkey with green leafy salad and/or veggies. Boring I know but it helps keeping the weight off while on prednisone I think anyway. I don't know how else to explain the weight loss other than this cause I sure couldn't work out the past 5 months. I couldn't walk a city block.
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