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  1. hey are you doing and feelin these days? How is school going for you so far?
  2. Hey Tasha...
    How have you been and how is school...I see you all over my FB it up I see...looking good...hope your feeling good as well!
  3. Hey ya doing...I see you all on fb. I will post some new pics I think this weekend and def. next. How is everything?
  4. Nice pick Tasha....thanks for adding me as a friend on fb!
  5. i tried searching for ak kinney but i couldn't find you... my email is
  6. HEY worries. We all get busy! I am doing well. What is your facebook or email so I can add you? Mine is AK Kinney
    Hope all is well with you..BTW I started dating again. I have no expectations just looking to go out and enjoy myself.
  7. sorry for the delayed response! i'm been super busy and horrible about checking anything online other than facebook! haha. i've been doing great how are you??
  8. Hey Tasha...
    How was the walk Saturday? How are you doing?
  9. I am doing better. Had surgery to remove sabaceous cyst on my left armpit. It was huge. It actually got infected and turned into an abcess...OUCH! I went for my follow up on Monday and I had gotten a staph infection called merca that made my doctor up my antibiotics to 800mg Bactrim. All this cause I am LUCKY...LOL! I started playing the lottery cause I know I am not going through all this for nothing. I know I have some luck coming.
    Thanks for checkin on are you? BTW I will add you to face book this weekend!
  10. hi hi! just checking in to see how your surgery went. well, i hope
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