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  1. Dear Tasha How are you doing i have not seen anything posted by you for a long time and wondered how your health is and how is school going? Love Bonita
  2. hi bonita! i'm doing really well and school is going great as well! how have you been??
  3. Hi Tasha how are you doing and how is school going? Bonita
  4. i hope i am doing this right i do not know where some of my replys end up. I usually end up spelling things wrong. I went to the rheumatologist in may had 16 tubes of blood drawn and he called me i had to have more drawn and the he called me again on friday afyernoon when i had the blood drawn in the morning. He told me to get off my imuran immediatly because my white count is 3.0 and my rbc is low so i go on tuesday for more again. Take care and keep safe. Bonita
  5. i am feeling pretty good right now... just a back ache how are you?
  6. Hi Tasha how are you doing? How that you are feeling better Bonita
  7. Thank you for being a friend you can never have too many friendsBonita
  8. hi bonita,

    if you ever need anything just send me a message... lupus is pretty overwhelming!
  9. Hi Tasha i am also new to this forumn and i am so glad to be able to talk to someone else who has the same things going on as i do. You are so much younger than i am but maybe we can be helpfull to each other. Bonita
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