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  2. HI VAMPY FRIEND...Sorry I havent been in touch Noel....Im so DRAINED lately..TOO MUCH GOING ON...UGH..I need to get one of those computers that types what you SAY to it for when I dont have it in me to type...I HAVE SO MUCH I WANT TO TELL YOU......One of my 3 FURRY BABIES is dying...UGH....IT HURTS and it will HURT MORE when "it" is HERE....I wish I could be PERKIER for you, but, I cant right now....DRAINED and SAD....Hope to talk soon in one way or another little MISS VAMPIRE...Oh how I MISS those days of ours...LOVE YOU NOEL XXXOOO
  3. Oh HOW I HAVE MISSD YOU MY VAMPY FRIEND! LOL I will email you as soon as I can..SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED in my life......If you get this before I can email you go to my thread called "DEATH and the REALITY of it"... It will be further back I think around mid 2013? I suck at the whole time and remembering thng! LOL This will give you some insite as to what has happened since we last talkd....OMG Noel I cant say it enough, I MISSED YOU.....I have thought of YOU every day....LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH MISS CANADA!!!!XXXOOO
  4. Jeanette....I am so happy to see your message...I had lost track of your phone number and could not find my login information to this website. I just found it now and was so excited to see your message.....I have not forgotten you for a moment and think of you so often...I see Ashleigh's postings all of the time and am so excited she is now a registered muct be so very proud. How are you feeling? What has been happening with you....I have so many questions...most of all I have just prayed you have been well and coping with this horrible disease....please message me whenever you are up to it as I would LOVE to hear from my vampire friend again.....much, much love and belated Happy Holidays and big, big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITE ME XXXXXOOOOOOXXXXXXOOOOO
  5. Miss You so VERY MUCH and our OLD GANG on here......I do hope you are well......LOVE YOU
  6. miss you dear friend!!! Xxxooo
  7. love you! Xxxxxxxxoooooooo
  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and MISS MISS MISS my VAMPY FRIEND! Gosh Noel, i hope you and Garry and Samantha are well!!! So Sorry ive been MIA! SO much happening! I have to get going in a few minutes so i will mail you the latest this weekend or next week! Just know im in and out once again, FINALLY! LOL LOVE and HUGS!!! XXXOOO Love, Jeannette
  9. HI NOEL!!!!! Hope you are doing ok! I have an update thread in Lauri's Lounge. Ive MISSED you! Gosh, i just want to GIVE YOU A GREAT BIG HUG!!! You have the WARMEST and SWEETEST and the MOST BEUTIFUL FACE! I was so excited when Ash told me you were one of her friends! I got to see my VAMPIRE FRIEND!!! LOL GO VAMPIRES!!! RA RA RA!!!! I still have to post pics and i want to get a pic of my VAMPIRE TEETH IN! LOL WINK WINK! Hope you are having OK days my FRIEND. HOPE TO CHAT SOON! XXXOOO LOVE YOU NOEL!
  10. LOl Ash just told me about you bitting me VAMPIRE STYLE if i dont quit worrying about other people instead of my health!! LOL Hey, YOU have no room to talk!! LOL Hey, THATS why we are so CLOSE HUH!!!!!! VAMPY like VAMPY!!!!!! LOL LOVE YOU!!!
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