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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes
  2. well as long as everything else is good, thats what matters
  3. good to see your smiling face.
    if only in a picture.

    life has its moments.
    my ibs is stillacting up.
    apart from that....
    life is good.
  4. hello.
    i've finally made my way back to the site! hope all is well with you.
  5. just popping by to say hi.

    hope you are well.
  6. sadly, the only dosage available is the one that i'm taking now.
    so unless i switch to the injection, i'm stuck taking 19 pills on sundays...blahh
  7. i noticed your thread about methotrexate tablets.
    i presume you are taking 8 tablets.
    cannot you get a stronger tablet.
    in australia, we have 2mg and 10 mg tablets.
    the stronger ones go by the brand name methoblastin, instead of methotrexate.
    i have cut down to 1 x 10mg tablet at the moment.
    i was up to 20mg.
    i could not imagine having to swallow 10 tablets, plus my other meds.
    check if a stronger dose is available.
  8. i'm glad everything is okay !
  9. thank you for checking on me.
    i had my foot inspection today.
    all is good......
    i have left an update on my origonal post.

    i see your having a few dramas also.....
    i read your post.
    being 50, and retired, i am not able to offer advice.

    again thank you for asking about me.
  10. hey ! just poppin by to see how you are !
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