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  1. Hi!
    I haven't been on this site in a long while, but I just recently came back and wanted to see how you have been.
  2. i'll be done with finals by the first week of May, we can get coffee (addicted)
  3. that would be pretty cool! i probably will just be staying at UPG because its a nice change of pace from the main campus lol.
    but i'm done at the end of April and will be home for the summer, so we could meet up for coffee or lunch!
  4. that's awesome, i'm 15 mins away from the Oakland area. We could probably meet up sometime. Do you plan on transferring to the main campus?
  5. i actually go to Pitt Greensburg which is a branch campus and i live on campus there. but when i'm home, i live not even ten minutes away from Pitt Main.
  6. ... i'm currently living in south of Pittsburgh right now. I remember you mentioning that u go to Pitt in one of the forum sections, Do you go to the main campus?
  7. oh thats awesome ! what part of pittsburgh are you from ? and i actually do not. but if you ever come across any, please let me know !
  8. hey, i just notice that your from pittsburgh, and i am too! I was wondering do you know any support groups?
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