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  1. Haha ohh i know. Me too.
  2. hahah i swear tho the most random stuff happens to me....always !!!!
  3. Omg. lol Thays funny. It doesnt sound dumb. It just sounds like it hurts. Haha
  4. hahha it sounds soo dumb. but i was stretchin and i guess i stretched it to far and i started coughin outa no where and it popped outa place!
  5. Ohh wow. That sucks. How did you do that?? And im pretty good.
  6. pretty good. just managing to type with one hand lol. i dislocated my shoulder... :-/ blahhh. other then that im good. lol wbu?
  7. Heyy thanks for the message girl. (: How are you??
  8. hi lindsayyy!
    my name is ashley, i'm also 17 and i've been diagnosed with lupus for about 9 months now.
    just wanted to sayy hi since we're the same age ! :]
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