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  1. I have Raynauds and it was really bad and caused an ulcer on my finger so my doctor sent me to a rheumatologist and they did blood work. That came back and my proteins were really really high and told me it was early stages of lupus. How about yours?
  2. haha honestly, i didn't even know what lupus was til i was told i had it ! its crazy tho. like looking at the statistics of who has it, we don't really fit in the catagory!
    ...figures its just my luck i would end up with this.
    whats your like ''lupus story'' ?
  3. Thanks =/ And I know. Everyone in my family told me that it was something they didnt even think was common or anything. I didnt think I'd find someone my age who had it too
  4. i just read one of your posts... and it says that your 16 ?? omgg so am i!!! i didn't think there was anybody my age going through this !!
  5. awh i hope everything works out in the end ! :]
  6. I've been better. Im trying to fix things with the guy who broke up with me on Sunday last week. But we just keep getting into fights.
  7. pretty good! how about yourself?
  8. Hello there Ashley =) Im Brittney. How are you?
  9. hi just stopping by to say hello and introduce myself ... i'm ashley :]
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