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  1. Im glad youve been doing well. Hope the musical is going well
  2. i've been really good. feeling great! sorry to hear you weren't feeling too well.
    i've been really busy with musical and stuff, haven't had t the time to get on here!
  3. I've been better.I just got home from school. I left early. I feel like crap. how are you?
  4. hey!
    haven't talked to you in a while.
    just stopping by to see how your doing !
  5. That sucks =[ Hope your feelin better =)

    My homecoming was this past weekend too! It was tons of fun
  6. i've been alot better. i'm just getting over having walking pneumonia =/ blah.
    but i mean, other then that things have been good.
    homecoming was this past friday, and it was amazing !
    just been having fun... trying to look past the warm weather going away
  7. Thank you =)
  8. I've been pretty good =) My birthday was a week ago. I get to get my license soon which is awesome. I have a driving lesson tonight. How about you?
  9. hey haven't talked to you in a WHILE! how've you been!?
  10. i'll send it in a private message. cuz its pretty long. haha
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