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  1. hehe yeah i have high hopes that for sure.
    everybody tells me how they can't believe i'm so young and dealing with so much. i mean, i even think that some times.
    i hate how i ended up with Lupus, yet there are people perfectly healthy, and they like complain about life all of the time.
    its ridiculous. but all we gotta do is keep a smile on our faces and keep being positive. thats all we can do really.
    i just hate the medicines! i take 8 pills monday-saturday and 14 on sundays !!
    i have trouble swollowing ONE pill, let alone 14! haha i just sit there and stare at them, it ends up taking me like 20 minutes to take them all.
  2. Thank you I am doing okay. Awww…youth! I was a cheerleader also in high school and I can't even imagine dealing with Lupus or the pain during those years. I commend you for your spirit and vision for your life. I know if you keep up the attitude you have you will be in remission in no time and living the life that you want and not the life Lupus thinks it has planned for you.
  3. definetly alot to take in when your only 16. lol, but im like you-i look at lupus as a thing i'll just have to overcome. im not gonna let it get me down and stop me from things i love doing. imma cheerleader, and i missed basketball season because of everything i was going through, but better know when sept. rolls around, imma be on the sidelines of the football field! :]
    wat kinda meds do you take?
  4. i was diagnosed not too much longer after you, January 12, 2009. all of december to me, is a big blurr! i dont really remember any of it. i just wasnt myself. wasnt eating, i had to force food down. uhm, i had SWOLLEN knee's, ankles, feet and hands/wrists. my whole body just hurt. after i was refered to a rheumatologist, he ran tests and the next day i got a call saying that i needed to be admitted to childrens hospital right away because i had fluid around my heart and lungs and that my liver was really enlarged. that of course freaked me out! after 2 days in the hospital and like a zillion tests, they told me i have lupus.
  5. Doing okay today...thanks for asking. I found to pea size lumps on my left armpit so my doctor moved my Friday appt. to tomorrow. Hopefully its nothing major. My lupus Story...I think I might have to break it up for you but here it is...I was diagnosed with Lupus in early November 2008 after experiencing a sore throat and swollen feet and hands, which at first I was told I had post virul arthritis. The pain was un bearable and I was walking around grunting from pain and looking like the Michelin Man. Finally, after a rush to the emergency room and lab test I was told I had Lupus. I cried initially and uncontrollably as I felt like I was handed a death sentence. Then I thought Lupus not terminal cancer and I can beat and will beat this.
  6. im doing really good.
    how about yourself?
    soo tell me about your lupus story. :]
  7. Hi Ashleybaby715!
    Hello and nice to meet you. How are you doing today? I hope your have a great day and staying healthy and happy!
  8. hi dsunshine!
    just stopping by to say hello and to introduce myself.
    im ashley :]
  9. Hi Miss. Ashley
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and see how you are doing
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