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  1. oh my mom actually had digenitive disc disease [[wow i think i spelled that wrong, lol]] she had to have spinal surgery because of it, but is doing great now :]
    awhh your really going through alot, but its good that your staying strong! thats all you can do!
    i have been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. i have the arthritis that comes along with that, blahh. along with proteinuria. uhm, i had a pleural effusion, but its cleared, thank god!
    i take 8 pills monday-saturday, and 14 on sundays. im on plaquinel, prednisone, methotrexate, folic acid, vitamin D, zantac and a daily vitamin with extra iron.
    its crazy, how at 16 i gotta deal with all this, buttttt im managing to live a normal life :]
    yess i am a cheerleader, and i've actually just started back up again, thank god. i missed it soo much when i was like really sick. i just couldnt do it, i was too sore and tired.

    hope you have a good dayy and talk to you soon!!
  2. I have Fibromyaliga and lupus,Gastroparesis,Osteoarthritis and Degenrative Disc,and depression. I am on about 23 differant meds and wont know until after April 6th what they will do about the Lupus. I just found out about it last week,but im strong and I will survive im happy I found this Group it helps to be able to talk to someone who really understands what your going through. thanks for careing. Now how about you what were you diagnosed with? and are you doing ok ? I liked your pictures looks like your a cheerleader? I have a neice your age she is a cheerleader too, if you look in my pictures you will see her her name is Tiffany. Faye
  3. its nice to know this website is here. everybody on here is sooo great!!
    so what exactly have you been diagnosed with?
  4. Hi Ashleybaby,nice to hear from you. As one we stand alone,together we will be strong.if you need another friend too talk with Im here. Faye
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