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  1. haha i've been soo busy with work and suchh but still lovin summer! :]
    soo glad to hear about your medications !
    i've been doing really good. still at 20 mg of prednisone tho..bahh. haha
    but went to the opthamologist today and got a good report :]
    and im soo excited because my birthdayyy is 2morrowwwww!!
  2. hey ashley! i know, i don't log on that much anymore not sure why! just busy i guess. and facebook and twitter have been taking up most of my web time these days, haha. but i'm doing great! down to 8mg of prednisone now and so far no problems and my urinalysis is still normal! thank god how have you been??
  3. hi tasha! long time no talk! !
    just stopping by to see how you are, and how you have been feeling? hopefully good!!! haha
  4. that is awesome!! yeah im excited for the one in september! i'm trying to get my school involved in raising money and also since im a cheerleader, im gonna try to get all of us to go and maybe even cheer, since it said they need 'festivities' and such.
    it would be so much fun!
  5. the walk was so much fun! even my little old grandparents completed the 3 miles. they were so cute

    my team raised $2450 for the LFA! it was awesome. i'm going to do the walk in LA in september too. so i told everyone to take good care of the tshirts i made them haha.
  6. yeah we're lucky that we only get mild symptoms! i feel soo bad reading some of these forums.
    but idk.
    i see from your pictures, you did that lupus walk.
    how did it go?!

    i'm walking in the one that comes to pittsburgh on september 13th...
  7. yeah i really only get mild symptoms too. but i found that i really only get major flares when i push myself too much. like when i went on a 7 mile hike in yosemite... haha. i was flaring up for like a week after and i was in so much pain! oh, the things we deal with with this stupid disease! haha. i miss my old pre-lupus body! haha.
  8. ha yeahh i know what you mean. but idk, i've been in remission since being on them... just like small mild symptoms... soo i mean, i guess they work in my favor.
    but some people have REALLY bad reactions to them!
  9. i honestly think i would rather deal with the flare than stay on prednisone. it would go away eventually. can't stand the steroids... this whole time i've decided i would've rather been in pain than on them. but that's just me.
  10. haha yeah i don't think anyone likes it! but its definetly more tolerable in the lower dosages.
    im not sure if i'll ever be completely off, but hopefully i will be. this one lady my cousin knows who has lupus, is just on 1 mg, forever. because when she stopped taking them completely, she went right into a flare.
    hopefully tho, we can both get off it completely!
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