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  1. things are much better! haha. about to enjoy a FINALLY warm day! we' have had terrible weather lately here in pittsburgh, but its warm today! so im going swimming! i just worked 4 days in a row, so im going to enjoy my day off! lol
    hope all is well with you aswell!
  2. Hope all is well. hugs kathy
  3. thats one thing my bp is like perfect! haha...thats the only good thing i got going for me ! hahaha
    but yeahh they're terrible. don't have one now, thank goodness...but dont wanna jinx it !
    did ur doctor do anything for them for you??
  4. Been there done that! i have a headache/or migrane everyday! ugh! Its awful,make sure you check and see what your bp, is running, it can do that, and also lovely lupus can too! hope you start to get relief sweetie! hugs kathy
  5. im very much enjoying my summer. just kinda sick of this headaches i keep getting! they are terrible! i'll have them and they go away! cant' wait to go to my neurologist to see whats goin on in there!!!
  6. i am still living! haha how are you dear? Hopefully well! Enjoy summer! My kids are! hugs Kathy
  7. hi kathy. how have you been?
  8. Giving you a big (((((((hug))))))) my friend Kathy
  9. oh no!!!
    thats not cool at all!!!
    try to stay cooL!
    and still manage to have fun!!!!
  10. Oh, well ill have to say, The campground misadvertised their place! Their aircondition was broke!!!!! Oh, goodness and its 91 degrees! uck! You pay up front for entire 5 days! Owell, I will take some pictures to post! HUgs Kathy
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