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  1. I take tramadol for pain, won't take the steroids or plaquenil. they want me to take the plaq. but it made me so sick the first time don't want to try it yet. i am now mostly fatigue hair loss bad, swollen feet and hands protein in urnine blood also, need to go to uri. doc first ct scan said kidney stone. when i got real sick in 05, was in hosp. three times dehydration. pancreas wasn't working right couldn't keep food down, rash on chest, swollen glands in back of neck and head wierd. when they swell up i know something wrong. fatigue most of the time or can't sleep. nausea some times and now i think i have raynauds have to keep journal for doc. it just goes on and on but i think positive every day and it helps most of the time. what symptoms do you have. oh brain fog bad
  2. i wish i was that young, my daughter is 17 she graduates in june. is it harder being younger knowing you will be sick the rest of your life. i glad i didn't find out until i was 37 i have a hard time getting up just waiting to see what kind of day its going to be. but if your like me i went good couple of years at at time feeling great. it just took the right doc. at right time to figure out what was causing everything.
  3. Well life could be alot better if weren't for being sick. but all in all not too bad. sat went to rest. on the water and sat outside and ate and looked at the boats it was very relaxing and skin was ok put on sunblock. the sun doesn't bother my skin like most lupus patients. are you in college or high school pict. make you look young?
  4. Hi i am gina, how are you today
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