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  1. you are a very determine young girl. you will get it plus more. its been warm enough in md for me. have a great day xoxo
  2. haha nice! i hope you win! :]
    and summer vacation has been really good! just wish the weather was a lil warmer then it has been! i've been working alot too, but its cool, i can use the money! lol.
    right now, my main focus is raising money for the lupus walk i'm doing when it gets to pittsburgh on september 13th! im so excited. im trying to raise 200 dollars on my own, so far i just got 35...but its cool, i'll get there, i hope! haha
  3. Hey girl, i have been good how about you. got bet going on in office to make me loose weight who loses the most get a free dinner doing it for one month, and i need it been so fatigue no exercising at all. my feet aren't swollen any more so thats good i think i am out of a flare TG. hows' things going for you over summer vacation?
  4. hi gina !
    how have you been doing?!
  5. ohh that should be funnn!! my summer has been really good. been working alot, making my moneyyy hahaha
    i've been feelin real good, and super glad the sun has NO affect of me at all!!!!
    i guess im luckyyy!! least a lil bit...hahahah
  6. haven't talk to you in a long time. how's your summer vacation so far. my youngest just got back from oc. a friend took him for a week. 17 going white water rafting with friends. i going try and take them to kings dom. if i have a day i feel up to it. energy level low right now. xoxo
  7. had a great nite. got back on wii still tells me on strength traing i am a couch potato, oh well going to keep it up not going to let a game tell me what i am. going to rain on and off all weekend here that stinks was going to go to muscle car show at raceway another time. have a great weekend. xoxo
  8. doing great, going to enjoy why i can not flaring
  9. Just wanted to see how you were doing. i hated the baseball game much rather sit at redskins game. have a great day
  10. Good morning, i know about the delexis (sp) have it most of the time worse when typing. my boyfriend gets a kick about when i am speaking, i couldn't get comfortable one nite and he said whats wrong i said pillows cant get comfortable not i can't. i take folic acid too now and going back for more blood work next week to check all vitamins, my hair falls out like yours its just real thing now. suppose to go to orioles game sat. hope i can last that long, i hate baseball i am redskins fan. had to sell season tickets missed to many games. have agreat weekend. talk to you monday.xoxo
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