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  1. sorry im extremely late on replying! lol.
    but i've been on vacation. i went to punta cana, domincan republic! it was absolutely amazing!!!
    yeah i can't believe summers almost over...but i don't go back til the 3rd so thats a plus lol
    how've you been feeling?
  2. Hi, how have you been, are you enjoying your summer?
  3. The zoo! i bet thats entertaining, i often try to visit our zoo here but im so busy i dont have time..... since a child i have always been in love with monkeys, i think the are so cute. i have tons of monkey pictures at my desk at work and stuffed animals. It is really good to hear that you are enjoying high school, all you have to do is make good grades and have fun.
  4. im am 16 years old. im a junior in highschool. im a cheerleader and i absolutely love it! i'm like you, i try to take any negative situation and make it a positive one as well. even with lupus, i can joke about it and try to make the sucky situation a little brighter. haha
    uhm, i work at the pittsburgh zoo, and i absolutely love that too!! haha
  5. Well I am a full time student and work. My major is gerontology/long term care admin, I love elderly people. I also love music...all kinds but especially marching bands and old school soul. I love to just have fun and enjoy life...I try to change any neg situation into a positive one by making jokes which always makes everyone around me laugh. Well, tell me about Ashley
  6. no problem :]
    soo tell me about yourself.
  7. Hi Ashley, thanks for adding me as a friend!
  8. hi.
    i dont believe we've met yet, but im ashley :]
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