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  1. I am glad u stopped by to say hi! ur a angel! hugs to you! i hope ur well, lv ya! Kathy
  2. By the way, love the new avatar.
  3. dont want to fib, i have been bad last 8 months, everytime i think i may feel better, i am kicked back down. i hope ur well sweetie, hugs to u! thanks 4 checking on me luv kathy
  4. Hey've you been????
  5. i am doing okay, sweetie! cant seem to kick these last few sicknesses been really icky! Hugs kathy
  6. Hey there woman - how goes it?????

    Hope you are well.

  7. Hope all is well. hugs kathy
  8. Thanks for dropping by!lol I hope you stay cool also sweetie! this weather is bad on us lupies!lol hugs Kathy
  9. Hey - Hope things are cooling off down there...we were at 103 this weekend! Just wanted to stop by and say HI !!
  10. Its been 106 here! ugh! and thats not the heat index! Hope your well! hugs kathy
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