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  1. Yes indeed, I know what it is like to hat pills. I am up to 12 in the morning and 16 at night...and now, an inhaler ....uggh! Yes, it seems that there is never an end to the additional crap that we have to deal with because of this disease!! It seems to be one thing after another and it is endless. But, as you said, we are never without his love and his compassion, so we manage to find peace in spite of it all!
    I hope that you are having a good spite of it all (LOL)
  2. Hey there! I am sorry u have asthma I had to start cholesterol medicine. I hate pills!! lol U know what I mean. Seems like Lupus is trying its best to run my life, kidneys,eyes,brain,heart,ribs,lungs,teeth!!!etc... .. haha. I am not too worried God is the main Director in this life, and he does n't need my permission Ill try to check in soon! HUGS
  3. Hi Kathy; Sorry this response is so late. I've been out of town for 1 1/2 weeks and then in rehearsals for valentine's day show. Finally home with a free moment to spare. Thank you so much for thinking about me and I am sending you warm love-filled hugs back!!!
    Hope you are well.
  4. hugs!!!!!!!!luv ya!!!!! Kathy
  5. Thanks sweetie! hugs back(((()))! I am on Imuran, and prednisone for the lupus. and 8 other pills probably from the lupus medicines!lol. being lazy lately, sleeping a bunch!haha luv ya Kathy
  6. Hey You! First, let me give you some warm, love-filled hugs!! Missed you too and am sorry to hear that you've been having a rough time. I hope you do not have to have a kidney biopsy too. So, your meds are doing nothing to alleviate the protein leak?
    I am glad you are here and please, please take good care of yourself! You are in my thoughts!
  7. such a pretty profile picture!
  8. I miss every1! I have had alot health issues.(u know how that is) I was told if my urine doesnt quit showing protein, i will have to get kidney biopsy! yuck! hugs! Kathy
  9. Happy new Year to u too sweetie! Hugs Kathy
  10. HILARIOUS!! I love all of those...especially the easy open packages!! How about the "Easy Installation" or "Simple Assembly" that truly requires an engineering degree to get it done!!

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