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  1. Trying to...Please the feeling is mutual as far as extending friendship. Easy to do when you have a direct connection that you can understand. Amazing how things connect you to other people. I am here to listen and chime in at anytime. Hope it has cooled off for you out there. This weekend it was about 100 degrees in s. cal/los angeles...way to hot. I felt like I was melting and the energy was waaaayyyy down. I took so many naps it was un real and I never nap unless I am sick.
  2. Have fun girl! Thanks for your friendship!
  3. Sending you cool breezes...I remember Texas heat all too well with humidity.I never used my air conditioning hin my car til i moved/lived out there...leather seats...OUCH! Stay cool. How are you other than the heat? So happy it's Friday. YEAH for the weekend. I met a few men...juggling aobut 3-4 right now. Spending time with each via phone, in person, texting, email....BUT I am just enjoyin myself and I have no expectations. Hope things are well are getting better for you all around!
  4. Trying to stay cool in this texas heat! 106 yesterday! ugh! Send me ice please! lol Hope you are well, hugs kathy
  5. Hugs right back!!! How are you?
  6. Giving you a big (((((((hug))))))) my friend Kathy
  7. Thank you so much...How are you doing? Hope your doing better and things are starting to go your way as you deserve it!!!
  8. another beautiful picture! hugs kathy
  9. Thanks sweetie, bad flare day!!!!!!heat killing me@ May be awol a while! HUgs Kathy ps ;love new pic!
  10. How are you doing and feeling? I know you were down a few days ago when we last spoke...just wanted to check on you and let you know you were in my thoughts!!!
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