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  1. Abilene Texas, hot hot hot! But I am going to try to stay kewl! and make this vacation fun 4 me, and my hubby, and 4 kids! Oh yeah and the dog! lol Hugs Kathy
  2. well thats good to hear! where are you going??? i hope you have fun!!
  3. I am fine. going on vacation for 5 days! Hopefully I can stay cool in process! I will have my laptop. Have great week! hugs Kathy
  4. hi!! thanks for stopping byy! how have you been? i've been really good!!
  5. Just checking in and saying hi! Hugs Kathy
  6. im doing pretty well. how about yourself ?? :]
  7. Hi! hope youre well! Hugs kathy
  8. Thanks sweetie! i am ok! i hope you are well! Have a wonderful day! Hugs
  9. hi KATROACH!
    how are you ?
  10. Ok lupus! enough of your smart mouth! to the office!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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