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  1. how is your trip going? hope the ac is back on. have a great weekend talk to you on monday. xoxo
  2. I feel for you, are they going to get it fixed. your a trooper i won't go camping any more i stay in hotel the kids and ex go camping everytime i went something major went wrong so i refuse to go, i would get a hotel room close to grounds so they could enjoy it but at nite was in hotel. hope things go better. xoxox
  3. you will have a great time just thinking postive like you are i am sure of it. enjoy xoxo
  4. Have a great time use some block. keep a battery operated fan in you purse they are real cool, i have one at my desk it fits in purse also. talk to you soon. xoxo
  5. I hope you enjoy your vacation, where are you going and with whom? we all need a little break from our lives. xoxo
  6. thanks for checking, how are you today. i was a little achey over weekend but all is good.
  7. sounds great we had kfc for dinner.
  8. Ihope you had a nice mothers day. i did for the first time my oldest who is 24 got me a mothers day gift wow. and my soon to be ex actually bought something for the yougest who 11 something for me didn't last year. so mine was great. hope yours was.
  9. Just wanted to say good morning and how are you today? Have a great mothers day and nice weekend. xoxo
  10. Good morning, sounds like a plan i would wait also before taking it just do one thing at a time. hang in there keep smiling it helps you feel better.
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