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  1. i am just worried today go to urologist, and i know he going to send me to kidney dr. so just in bad place right now. how are you? we got some of your texas heat this week been in 90 hot and humid
  2. Just saying hello! Hope youre well! hugs Kathy
  3. I enjoyed the gripeing, it was nice to bitch with someone who knows how you feel. we should do this once a month at least. we need to vent with people who understand what were going thru. have a great day. xoxoxo
  4. I enjoyed hearing from you too! Sorry i had lousey phone reception, and that i griped like an old bag! haha HUGS kathy
  5. I enjoyed talking to you. i look forward to talkin to you real soon. it was nice to hear a voice instead of typing all the time. have a great day and stay out of heat if you can. xoxo
  6. ok i wont wait have great day. xoxo
  7. Dont worry about that, silly i always feel bad, if you waited till i felt good I would never get to talk! haha lol hugs Kathy
  8. ok i won't call this weekend call you next want you feel better first. xoxo
  9. Thanks sweetie, bad flare day!!!!!!heat killing me@ May be awol a while! HUgs Kathy
  10. could you have a for of arthites (sp) in the joints? my hands swell at joints but don't look deformed. and feet well most of the time they are swollen. when i can get shoes on that are loose i lol thats great today.xoxo
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