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  1. sometimes i feel like its the end of the world. how are your meds doing do they help any. i go for kidney sonogram on thursday. i am still not sure if i want to take plaqunil. i have an eye dr appt. end of the month but forgot who i was going to see and where it
  2. luv ya to sweetie! I am glad u rested! u deserved it. i am still same no sleep, and pain, but thats okay. lol Hugs kathy
  3. How are you today. i have been thingk of you and wanted you to know. i stayed in bed all weekend and relax feel a lot better today i guess my body wanted to rest. love ya
  4. I feel you sweetie, mine was in pain also! I hate this disease! hugs kathy
  5. How are you doing today? hope weekend was not so bad, i spent mine in pain. xoxoxo
  6. kids are great sweetie, i am crappy, cant seem to kick all the sickness last four weeks! I hope u are well! Rest since ur guest are gone! HUgs Kathy
  7. How have you been. how are the kids. i have been busy with out of town guest, but all gone now. xoxoxox
  8. you poor thing did you get it from the kids or was it something else. be carefull not to deydrate suck on lolipops or ice chips. hope all is good soon. xoxo
  9. I got the stomach flu! threw up about 80 times was awful! i am better now just feel like ive been ran over! haha hugs Kathy
  10. How are you today, are the kids any better. thanks for fourth of july text. made my day that you thought of me. talk to you sooon. xoxo
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