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  1. just hang in there. you are a strong women and i will pray for you about the imuran working and not making you sick. luv ya
  2. I am sorry! I wish we were all rich, make somethings easier. I have had to scrape up change so one of my kids can buy breakfast! lol sux! I am scared about imuran, but i dont know what to do anymore! Luv ya friend hugs kathy
  3. how are you? yes i have been getting your text messages. the woman who got me my first real job and i was helping her on side for 400 a month just died friday so i am in a bad place but trying. i havn''t heard good things about imuran. i hope it works for you
  4. Hi sweetie, hope ur doing well! I was started on Imuran! with my prednisone and stopped Methtextrate, kinda scared about it! sideffects not to fun! Luv ya hugs Kathy Ps. have u been getting my text messages?
  5. thanks for remembering b-day i have no paid for two days woohoo keep praying and i will for you. how's headache? xoxo
  6. As u know my 5 year old has had flu 5 days!: ( I was told they would not know if its swine till yesterday, they didnt call and shes fever free happy and at school! so.......I AM VERY HAPPY! NO IF THIS DANG HEADACHE WOULD LEAVE!LOL LUV YA KATHY HEY ITS SAYS IT UR BDAY? IF SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! PRAYERS UR WAY!
  7. Well is it the swine flu, how is everyone else in the house. good i hope.
  8. I feel for you being all swollen i know it sucks. and the headache nothing works i suppose and the heat makes it worse. so sorry try cool bath sented candels. i hope it gets better but at least no joing pain
  9. Thank u. I like it y face is huge from 4 yrs steroids, but owell! I hope u have great day! Hugs kathy
  10. its ok we are all busy. my son has a girlfriend already holding
    i like the hair cut makes you look younger. i need to do something with my mop. xoxoxo
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