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  1. thanks for the text message i needed reminding. hope all is good with you. i went out sat. drank an still have a hangover. i have notice the alcohol does bad things to me. i think it puts me into a flare. love ya
  2. miss!!!!!!!!!u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!kath y
  3. ur an angel! hugs my friend Kathy
  4. thats good i had all those test too. better to do those first than right to a biobsy. let me know what happens with the test results, i worry about you. luv ya
  5. hey friend! luv ya too! sorry florida was cold! it is 20 - 30 s in Texas lately, my bones know it! lol. They are going to do 24hr urine end of feb, and a ultrasound of my kidneys. who knows...hugs Kathy
  6. Did they do the 24hr collection yet. i understand how you feel i havn't been onsite for a while. i had the protein thing for almost a year than the kidney dr. did that test and some more and all of sudden it was gone like it was never there. i hope you don't need the biobsy. i think of you, it will get better i pray. went to see parents in florida for a week it was cold there and i was feeling ache all the time didn't do much thank god my son could hook his xbox live up so he was cool with not doing anything. love ya
  7. Hi friend, how are you doing? I miss ya! I have had a lot health issues.(u know how that is) I was told if my urine doesn't quit showing protein, i will have to get kidney biopsy! yuck! hugs to u and luv ya sistah! Kathy
  8. I have loose stools always now. Ur body may just be programming itself to have it in middle of night. I usually pee all night! lol Try eaten bananas before bed. May help stopp u up till daylight. hugs luv ya
  9. hi how are you. i have a questions do you get woken up in middle of nite an have to go to the bathroom and its real loose to almost water? i had totake imudium ad for a week now just to keep liquids in that way. but food still having a hard time with. wakes me up at nite to go at least three times. do you have this problem.
  10. Thank you! youre a wonderful lady! fixen to get rootcanal, talk at u later! hope ur doing well! hugs Kathy
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