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  1. how did they determine that about kidney connective tissue pain? I also have kidney cysts, do you think it could be whats bothering me? Just grasping at straws! you know how that is. Hugs again! sorry keep bugging u! lol
  2. i went through a period of extreme pain under my rib cage....thought it was my kidneys. Got everything checked, and they have determined that the lupus was attacking the soft tissue around the kidney.....what the heck, who knows....i love your tombstone idea...
  3. Well, He wanted to figure out why after such high doses of prednisone that i am still having the pain under my ribcage. I thought I was having apendsitis lastnight. The pain shot down my rightside and usual left side all the way down my groin and thru my back. I do have kidney stones so maybe its that. He never orders any tests because he isnt my insurance plan, and even when he suggests I get tests my primary gets butt about it. I know atleast when I die they may find out! haha. i said put on my stone I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK! gotta laff. I love watching my kids play sports, all 4! Even when i feel bad! Dont want to miss anything! I hope my Uro can help figure out uti stuff, b4 it gets to kidneys, if it hasnt already. hugs kathy
  4. best of luck to your daughter. Both of my girls played volleyball, and i know how exciting it is for a parent. Have a blast, and i hope they win. Do you have any specific issues for the rheumu tomorrow, or is this a regular check up. I too am so glad you see the neuro on the 16th. I put the date on my calendar, and will be checking in with you. Thanks for the note...
  5. Howdy! Have a great day! I got go to my oldest basketball games tonight. Shes excited because shes playing for varsity and going in to 10th grade. i am nervous!! 4 her, but I know she will do well. Hope you are feeling well. I go to Rhuem 2morow. still have Costochondritis(atleast i thinks what it is) and same old UTI!!!! Glad when I see uro, 16th. hugs Kathy
  6. hugs just wanted to say hello! have a great evening!
  7. Just checking in and saying! hello! have great weekend! Hugs to u! Kathy
  8. Just saying hello! Hope your well! Hugs Kathy
  9. Have a great day! blessings! Kathy
  10. Ok lupus! enough of your smart mouth! to the office!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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