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  1. I am dying here! 106! and thats not the heat index! ugh! Send some ice! haha Hugs kathy
  2. Those pictures are very nice! Hugs kathy
  3. hugs back to you kathy....thanks for caring, my friend.
  4. Giving you a big (((((((hug))))))) my friend Kathy
  5. I am thinking about you! hope you are well my friend! hugs kathy
  6. oh yeah, i fully understand about the difference. I have witnessed such a slaughter too many times....they say it builds character, but it just pissed my girls off really bad. you are probably right about the prednisone, oh well, just unbutton another button on the jeans and hopefully you will get some relief from pain. I take the mtx in an effort to keep off far it is working, even though the side effects are equallu scary.
  7. Our poor girls got drove like a car!lol we are a 2a school, and played a 5a! Need I say more! lol. Thanks sweetie! i will try to get on after appointment,I make a prediction! INCREASE PREDNISONE!!! AGAIN!! I am so fat now my jeans got stretch marks! lol OWELL! HUGS KATHY
  8. let me know what the dr. was the basketball game?
  9. Im going to Rhuem tomorrow, soo he will know more about this junk then regular Dr. Hes been Rhuem 27years, and not 2 like my primary!! lol blessing and hugs
  10. hi kathy,,,,,no worries, you never bug me, i enjoy sharing with you. They determined the connective tissue involvement because they could not find anything else. They did all kinds of tests, everything came back ok, so they said the hated words "must be lupus". My kidneys do register is borderline functioning, but they can't find any specific problems, so just watching closely. after a while, the pain subsided, and has not really bothered me. This is the second time in several years that this has happened.
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