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  1. hi kathy.....don't you take your shot on friday night? I hope you are feeling better today...i am finding that the side effects of my shot are getting easier as time passes...i guess i am building a resistence.

    hope you are having a good weekend.
  2. Thank u sweetie. Been nauseated after my mtx shot. other then that ok! Hugs sweet lady Kathy
  3. i hope your weekend includes some smiles along the way.
  4. Thank u sweetie 4 ur support! u r a wonderful person! Hugs to u! Kathy
  5. oh, so sorry Kathy,

    i had pleurisy several years ago, and it is a really tough one...and then add the stomach stuff, flares, and anxiety....sending you hugs.
  6. Hope ur well, i am trying to get over pluerisy, anxiety,stomach flu, sick kids and flares! hahaha Hugs Kathy
  7. Oh, just taking care of my kids, 3 got stomach,bug from Arbys restraunt! and I got pluerisy! ugh! But other then that I am having a ball! haha I hope ur pain decreases quickly! hugs sweetie kathy
  8. everything is ok.....having some pain issues, but i am coping. Going to take my grandkids roller skating this afternoon. Hope you are having a good holiday weekend....what are you doing?

    thanks and hugs back to you
  9. Hope all is well. hugs kathy
  10. Stopping by to say hi! hope alls going great! hugs my friend kathy
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