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  1. Been on run literally! Diarehea! HAHAHA HUGS
  2. Oi Oiiiiii
    where have thou been hiding?
    speak soonage
  3. hahaha,that would of been march then!! bless u do make me smile
  4. I know its not moms day, silly monkey! I just wont remember to put it up Sunday! haha covering my bases.
  5. Howdy back at cha...hows it going?
    you still nutty as ever hehe
    keep it real

    ps you do kno its not mothers day right? lol you make me smile...lay off the drugs xx
  6. Just saying howdy! Have great day! Hugs KAthy
  7. yes its a lovely frog!!
    and im really good thanx, just gettin over the sickness from the mtx, erm i forgot what i was gonna say to you asked me now.... oh thts it! tht little dancing fella i have on my msn lol
  8. Just saying howdy fron texas! Have great day!
  9. Just say howdy! have great day! hugs Kathy
  10. oh is it ure birfday?
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