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  1. Not sure yet :-0 Got lots of decking arriving any day now so i guess that will need to be done, not by me though LOL Weather looks great so i might excel myself and get out the BBQ. Have a great time at the beer thingy...god forgotten whats its called already !
    Take care xx
  2. hiya yeah all good (ISH) my end off to the annual beer festival in my old village which im really looking forward to cause i get to see all my old work buddies woohooo bring on the ALE you up to anything? my dear xx
  3. Hi Jane, yeah im fine thanks...same shit different day LOL How u been ? Got anything planned for the bank hol ? x
  4. afternoon!!! hows it going? lol makes me laugh we follow eachother back and forth to here to fb lol xxx
  5. excellent, look forward to speaking to you more,
    keep it real still in bed? lol is daisy a cat?
  6. LOL yes thats me
  7. hello cheers for the friend request, are you the one from FB>?
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