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  1. hiya! how's things? how's the relationship going? how're you?
  2. hi sandy noo i never been to new york will look forward to seeign the photos xx
  3. sweet with that voucher! I am going to the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village, NYC. Ever been when you lived stateside? It's quite the spectacle. I am going to bring my camera to take lots of pics.
  4. hi ya i'm going to my local pub thier having a monsters ball with a live band playing! and as i do a few bit for the pub she gives me a voucher to spend in there soo i won't need to spend any money!! pheeww!! you doing anything??
  5. very tired right now. a lot of stressors happening right now. We are in the 2nd game of our World Series and my fav team is playing (Yankees) so even though I would love to be in bed right now, I have 2 more innings to go. Soon, soon. What are you doing for Halloween?
  6. hi sandy i'm ok plodding along thanks for asking hows you?
  7. Hiya Hiedi! How are you?
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