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  1. nope u dont have a vodka problem..u can down a bottle no probs lmaso xx
  2. i don't know what you mean i'm sweet innocent i keep telling you any one think i have a vodka problem!!! lmao
  3. ok now seriously worried about u.. i mean vodka surviving in ur house for over a week??????? pmsl xx
  4. ahhh thnka honey luv youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxxxxxxxx
  5. we r lucky 2 have u as a mate as well. i was saying to jane that i read (yes i can read lol..just haha) that u only get a handful of true friends out of all the friends u make in a lifetime..looks like i got 2 of them at least..u and jane xx
  6. hay thanks for comment and you damn well i enjoy myself every time i come round your i feel very lucky to have you and jane as my friends!!! just call us the thhree amegios !!! HU HU HU!!!! XXXX
  7. hope u enjoyed last night, thanks for coming over xx
  8. hey missed u today, hope u r ok? we will meet up soon. boys break up for summer next week. jane and i were also saying about taking u to that wildlife park we have visited near hers xxx
  9. hay babe any time soo pleased for both of ya xxxxxx and just read janeys poem it lovely enough tobring lump in your throat xx
  10. thanks 4 ur message about me and jane, yep we r deff. gonna have 2 go 4 some celebratory drinks. really missed u 2day. how r u feeling now?? xxx
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