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  1. Bloody hell woman!!!
  2. ok photos up on me page now!!!! have a nice day xx
  3. whats going on with them pics woman?
    hope you are having a good day......have a nice day now (american accent) WHOOOP! xx
  4. hay babe just wanted to leave you message saying i'm soo pleased for you and normsi you both deserve the happyness!! words can't describe how happy i am for you both xxxx
  5. iseedeadmonkeys was here!
  6. looks like you had fab day babe so glad bet your knackered now rest up xxxx
  7. thanx Heidi,
    no not having a good day tis a shame but we all knew it would get me in the end! im having methatrexate issues!

    spk soon, oh and check ya bad self out nicking my crown
    wheres the peace and love Heidi ho, oh btw thank you soo much for my Hard rock cafe lupus pin i keep finding it and getting excited hehe xxx
  8. hay honey know your not feeling that great today and just wanted to send ya lots of gently hugs xxxxx
  9. yes getting in practice before i attempt to woop your butt in the tournment lol

    yer had fab day adn night bloody knackered fell asleep in front of telly early lol

    you get ill i think its stressing out to much down here your away from your safe bubble!!!
    need to chill relax a bit more !!! * wag of finger!!!*

    peace and love right back at ya babe enjoy your evening alone with normsy xxxx
  10. I see your busy with the arcades lol!!
    i will upload the pictures of us and MJ tmrw then u can nick from there!
    hope you had a good day and night tho, i always end up ill when i come down here lol think it must be the essex air im not used to all the pollution hehehe
    peace and love
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