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  1. OMG! Your msgs made me laugh! You're too cute!!! Dont worry, ill see the LAUGHING faces as SMILING ones instead! LOL Hope you are well!!!!! WOO HOO for the LOVE we have for animals!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. Oops! Those laughing faces are suppose to just be smiling faces!
  3. Hi Jeanette,

    I just figured out how to reply to PMs. I wasn't sure if I should reply just above the listed messages then I thought, "well how will she get it?". I am giving this a try, hopefully it works.

    Yes, I am a vegetarian for animal reasons I realize that for some meat is difficult to give up but since I never cared for it much then it was not that hard. I have to admit that I do miss tuna! I would like to be a vegan, but that would be more difficult because, although I use vegan butter and soymilk, I still eat eggs.

    Anyhow, thank you for sending me a PM, you are a fellow animal lover and seem so happy and positive, it truly does make me smile

    Talk to you soon!! Samo
  4. Hey! What a COOL job you have and i LOVE that you are a vegetarian!!! WOO HOO!!! I always tell my hubby that i SHOULD be one because of my LOVE for ALL ANIMALS! I eat only chicken and sometimes fish and thats all BUT, im not sure if i could give that up though! Im going to hell arent i! WILL POWER Jeannette, WILL POWER! LOL
  5. AWWWWW, HI SAMO!!!! How sweet of you to say what you said about my yard and animals! How LUCKY for your furry BABIES to have YOU for their MOMMY!!!! They ARE OUR CHILDREN arent they! I really have 4(well 5,if you include my hubby! LOL) kids because of MY 2 FURRY BABIES! They are SPECIAL to us arent they. If you have pets then you ARE a parent! Hope you are doing well and im sending you HUGS!!!!XXXXXX
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