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  1. Im glad to hear that you've been feeling a little better =) Let me know when they get the results back from that. Hope you keep feeling well =D
  2. thanks for remembering my b-day you were only on this site who did. i have had a week of no pain in morning woohoo. went had bladder scrape nothing there now off to kidney dr. to find out why i have blood and protein in urnine for past year now.
    i hope you enjoyed the football game thats my favorite sport i am die hard redskins fan. xoxo
  3. Its all pretty stressful sometimes, but Im starting to get into a routine with it all. I have to get up early to get to work at 9 =( lol I had fun at a football game tonight. And Im probably going to a party or hanging out with this guy tomorrow =)

    How have you been?
  4. thanks for remembering, how is school and your job well everything? i hope your ok.
  5. Happy Birthday =)

  6. i am glad. next you will be prepared. talk to you later.
  7. Yes I did =) and next time I plan to bring it. Sleeping on the ground messed my shoulders up
  8. did you at least have some bonding time with you dad?
    next time take the air matress. feel better soon. xoxo
  9. Im pretty sure thats the main reason Im sore. I wasnt lucky enough to get our air mattress lol Im sorry you havent been feeling the best, and I hope you start feeling better soon =)
  10. what the h you doing camping? i would be hurting too just sleeping on the ground in a tent. you go girl not for me. i was in a flare for four days felt great yesterday but had some issue last nite and stress sets my off so i will be feeling bad again friday it usually takes one to days to get in from a stressful day. hope you feel better soon.
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