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  1. I have been on the site a little bit, been in a flare up for the last week and a half, missed four days work this week, layed around like a blob over Thanksgiving. I will be flying into Wednesday about 9 pm and flying back out Saturday about 8 am. I am hoping to see my new grandaughter while I am there but she ended up in the hospital with a high fever, her coming will depend on Avery(that is the little critters name).
  2. Hi Scuba -
    I was wondering where you were - hopeing you were just feeling to good to talk about disease! It is cold here! My sister and family came for TG from Portland - pass was clear but windy - hope your trip is good. Congratulations on the new baby - that's amazing. Post pictures. My son is 31 now and no babies on the horizen. He's not keen on children (dang it)
    take care
  3. Karenboss, how have things been going? I just found out yesterday about the site change of address and got back on. Hope you are ready for Thanksgiving, I will be in Meridian the 10-11 of this month, my daughter and very new grandaughter are going to come up from Twin Falls, it will be my first visit whith her in a long time and first time seeing my new grandaughter. Take care and I wish you well.
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