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  1. Hope you had a good new year and i MISS YOU! Hope your family is doing good and that YOU are getting the rest you NEED. Please be well Toby and im thinking of YOU. XXXOOO
  2. MISS YOU TOBY! Hope all is well the family my friend. HUGS to you ALL XXXXXXX
  3. Hey stranger! Gosh i miss seeing you around here Toby. Are you ok and is the family doing well? I know being a dad keeps you busy but i do hope you are taking care of yourself. Please be well and know that i am thinking of youXXXXXXXXXXXX
  4. Just wanted to pop in to say HI TOBY and FAMILY!!!! I do hope you are doing ok Toby, i know you were having some rough days due to this ooky disease not to long ago. Any better? I DO MISS YOU being around BUT i understand LIFE keeps you busy and LUPUS keeps you ooky. Please take care of yourself and know that you are thought about often my friend. Love and Hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. Oh im SO SORRY you arent doing well Toby. I hope you have some BETTER days soon dear friend. Please take care of yourself the BEST you can and give that BEAUTIFUL BABY a hug and a kiss for me. Sending you hugs and loveXXXXXXXXX
  6. Hey hun,
    Sorry it has been a while been so with the baby and not been feeling to well....
    Hope u are well.....

    big hug....
  7. MISS seeing you around!!!!! Hope you and the family are well Toby!!!!! LOVE and HUGS!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  8. Hi TOBY!!! Im surviving these days, pain in the joints and emotions running very HIGH but im STILL HERE! I guess thats a good thing huh! LOL Im not surprised Joshua is growing so FAST, they do that well!!! Too well, too fast actually! LOL I cant wait to see his cute face and bigger body when you get some new pics up! CUTE!!!! I hope ALL of the family is well and that you are takeing care of yourself too. I hope you are having more good days than rough ones with your lupus. Take care and it was nice to hear from you! HUGSXXXXXX Love, Jeannette
  9. Hey sweetheart,

    How are u? hope u are well...
    Joshua sure is growing fast will post some more pic's soon..
    just thought I say hello...


  10. Hey there stranger!!!!!! How are things at home? Good i hope!!! Hows Joshua? I bet hes growing like a weed!!!!! It goes way too fast so ENJOY it before ya turn around and hes 18!! Is Deb doing well? I hope you are getting your rest! Hey where are your pics of your dog? Im so bad at finding things around here! LOL Take care of yourself and that beautiful family of yours!!!! HUGS to YOU XXXXXXXXXX
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