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  1. Hi ANNA!!!!! Thank you for the msg! I really needed to hear your story! I get so confused from all of the drs saying different things! I have so much going on al the time lately that i dont know whats more important to think about! UGH! I am pretty busy with either feeling awful and/or getting tests done so ill try to get more into it by calling or being intouch somehow in the near future. My plate is VERY FULL right now. I posted a thread about the latest things. Please take care of yourself Anna. Love and Hugs to YOU XXXOOOO
  2. Hey hun - I'm so sorry, I just now got your messages. Do you want to call me? Its kind of a long story. 972-655-6952
  3. HI! I am having the WORSE heart pains and problems! I went Monday and my rheumy found a heart murmur. My GP ignored my complaints for a long time. She did a stress test (ONLY!) and said "Jeannette, your heart is STRONG and HEALTHY, you dont need anymore tests". UGH! GEE, but i STILL have all of my symptoms AND, i have educated myself to know that a stress test is not as accurate for women as it is for men! She let it go! My discomfort is getting WORSE and its freaking me out. How did they find your problem? I get more tests done on Friday that my rheumy ordered BUT what if its not enough? What more should i be asking for? I SO APPRECIATE you being here for me and helping me out! I KNOW YOU have had your own issues in this area and i DO HOPE you are doing ok lately. Please take care of yourself and IM THINKING OF YOU! XXXOOO
  4. HI HI HI!!!!! Hey, i have to get going cuz im having a bad flare BUT i DO want to talk to you more on whats been going on with you (poor thing!) Ive been having some pretty serious things going on with me and i also want to ask you some advice on how to handle it. Ill pm you next time im on. Please take care of yourself and ive missed you! THANKS for letting me know where youre at with things! I want more details though when we talk again! Love and Hugs! XXXXXXXXOOOOOOO
  5. Hey lucky!! I did not see your pm until just now! I lost feeling in multiple parts of my body and was having mini strokes. My heart kept racing to 200 BPM and I couldn't walk down the hall without running out of breath

    My subclavian artery was completely occluded though
  6. Hi Anna! Hey, just wondering, what were your symptoms when you realized you had a type of thrombosis? Im having some "issues" and id love some input on others symptoms. Hope you are well and THANK YOU!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX
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